Privacy Policy

Policies for Instructors

Welcome to LySkills!

We are welcome to you on our website, here you can earn as an instructor through uploading your courses on our website.

Here are some policies of the website:

1: Video Quality:

When the instructor makes a video of his course, make sure that the video quality is at least 720p.

2: Tax:

If a tax policy is imposed by the government, you will have to pay tax under the government law.

3: Remove the course:

If an instructor wants to remove his/her course, so he/she can remove the course, if a student enrolls in a course.  In that case, the instructor's course should be visible to that student.

4: Garbage and vulgar videos:

If any instructor posting vulgar and garbage videos or video content then we will remove your videos and content from a website and then send you an email to let you know.

5: Video Size:

When the instructor prepares his course, keep in mind the one video size should not more than 2 GB.

6: File Format:

There are several types of ways to structure the data in a file but the file format you have to use here must be mp4, webm or OOG.  

7: Instructor Payment:

 After uploading the course, the money will be transferred to the instructor by the company on monthly basis.

8: Paid Course:

 The time duration of the course which the price will be charged should be 2 hrs.

 9: Free Course:

  If the instructor uploads the course free of cost, the duration time of the course should be 1 hr.

10: Transaction Distribution: 

  When a student buys a course from the website, 50% of the course payment will be transferred to the instructor’s account and the remaining 50 % will be transferred to the company’s account.

11: Data Recovery:

  In case the instructor deletes his/her own data, the company will not be held responsible for this.

12: Review Courses:

  When the instructor will upload his course on the website, the course and the content of the course will be thoroughly inspected.   After this process, the course will be published on the website.

13: Sound of the video:

  In addition to video recording, special attention should be paid to the sound quality, excessive noise can affect your video quality.