6 Success Rules To Become a Graphic Designer!

2022-02-01 15:03:49

"Graphic design" is a broad and vague term. Whenever someone says "I'm a graphic designer", you have no way of knowing immediately what kind of design work he/she does.

There are more people who mistakenly think that if they understand graphic design, they will definitely design web pages or create dynamic graphic short films, which often makes graphic designers laugh and cry!


1. Introduction to Graphic Design

The term graphic design comes from the English graphic, which refers to various graphic art forms formed by printing, such as graphic logo design, book cover or inner page graphic design, card design, brochure design, poster/flyer design, etc.

In addition to the visual enjoyment of graphic design, more importantly, it conveys a kind of information and a concept to a vast number of consumers. Therefore, in graphic design, we should not only pay attention to the visual beauty of the surface but also consider the information. Communication, graphic design is mainly composed of the following three important basic elements:

A. Creativity: It is the first element of graphic design. Without good creativity, there will be no good works. In creativity, three conditions must be considered: audience, communication media, and cultural background.

B. Composition: Composition is to solve the spatial relationship between graphics, color and text, so as to be novel, reasonable and unified.

C. Color: Good graphic design works will focus on harmony, contrast, balance, rhythm and rhythm in the use of picture color.

Introduction to Graphic Design

2. How to become a graphic designer

To become a Graphic Designer, you need to have the knowledge to operate graphic design software.

However, knowing Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (AI) does not mean that you are a graphic designer, just like buying a brush does not mean that you are an artist, you also need to have a sense of beauty and aesthetic ability, and to discover the latest graphic design reference materials and Design inspiration.

To know that the design is not the best, only better. It is of course important to have outstanding design concepts, and the practical experience and tool application skills of graphic designers are also indispensable. If you want to review the past and learn new things from time to time, Yunji's design website can definitely help you develop a more mature aesthetic standard.

Graphic designers have a wide range of work content. In addition to having aesthetic standards, they also need to learn graphic design theory and writing (correct text communication)

Graphic design Freelance is a popular service on the market, and the entry threshold is relatively low, attracting many young people; because you do not necessarily need to go to a design school to be a graphic designer and accumulate relevant experience.

Graphic Designer

3. Commonly used software and apps for graphic design

For graphic designers, Photoshop is indispensable! In addition, the more commonly used graphic design software will be Illustrator (AI) , InDesign (mainly used for layout), CorelDRAW and Sketch .

If you don't plan to get Photoshop or AI or any related certificate, you can study by yourself. Experienced people recommend starting with Illustrator and then learning Photoshop.

There are many books and resources out there that teach how to use Illustrator, so you can choose the material that works best for you. Adobe has its own books that teach how to use Illustrator.

Mac machines are relatively stable, but the design does not stipulate the use of Macs. As files are passed around, the format and location will change. So, if you work for an advertising agency (because the files are constantly being passed around), you use a Mac. But if you just work in a general company or a general design company, there is absolutely no problem with using a PC.

Graphic Design Software

4. How to get a freelance job in graphic design?

To become a good part-time graphic designer or freelance graphic designer, building a personal portfolio is the most important thing.

Creating a unique design portfolio can increase your competitiveness and increase your chances of getting a freelance job in graphic design. It represents your experience, aesthetics, skills, and often your personality traits.

In addition, choosing a suitable and reliable platform to increase your exposure is also a way to get more freelance jobs.

In addition, networking is also an important part, and make sure that your current work is helpful for your future design career. This includes doing a good job in every single graphic design freelance job, trying your best to show your personal style in your works, slowly establishing personal branding, and becoming a freelance graphic designer worthy of trust both inside and outside the industry.

graphic design freelance job

5. Graphic Designer Salary

There is no so-called public price for freelance design. Of course, the price is different for different jobs. Whether the customer is a government or private institution, the designer's experience and popularity, whether the delivery date is urgent, etc., all have a great influence on the price.

If you are a beginner, you usually need to do logos, flyers, posters, backdrops, etc. The basic logo design fee ranges from HKD500 to 1500, while the basic flyer and poster design fee range from HKD600 to 2000, depending on the time, size and customer. Requirements and other factors affect the price.

For larger projects, such as a 200-page, A5-sized novel, which is responsible for the layout and cover design, it starts at about HKD7000 to 10000. Prices will also vary depending on the quantity.

In the current market, a full-time junior graphic designer starts at about HKD11,000, but you need to be able to do decathlons. In addition to graphic design, you are often required to know a little bit about web design, video production, layout, drawing, Microsoft Office, and more.

6. How to choose a good graphic designer

Designers must not be sloppy. To choose a good part-time graphic designer or freelance graphic designer, you can refer to his previous design experience, whether his/her design style is suitable for your brand, how are the retouching skills? It won't be real enough, how about the color matching...etc.

Secondly, you can pay attention to whether you have received professional art training, such as having studied graphic design courses such as foreign design schools, Hong Kong Design Institute, Savannah University of Art and Design, Hong Kong Institute of Design or Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design. Demonstrate that they have received standard graphic design teaching and have professional qualifications and design awareness.

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