A Thorough comparison of 14 recommended SEO tools! (Paid / free).

2021-09-14 13:04:46

SEO measures are indispensable to operate a website and increase the effect of attracting customers, but it takes time and effort to take measures manually one by one. Therefore, I would like to utilize SEO tools. However, SEO beginners often don't know what tools to use to improve their effectiveness. In this article, we will explain the merits of introduction and points of selection from the basic knowledge of SEO tools, and also introduce recommended SEO tools and case studies.SEO measures are indispensable to operate a website and increase the effect of attracting customers, but it takes time and effort to take measures manually one by one. Therefore, I would like to utilize SEO tools. However, SEO beginners often don't know what tools to use to improve their effectiveness. In this article, we will explain the merits of introduction and points of selection from the basic knowledge of SEO tools, and also introduce recommended SEO tools and case studies.

What is an SEO tool?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" in English. it is called "search engine optimization" and refers to measures and techniques for displaying high-ranking on search engines such as Google and Yahoo !. In order to create a website and aim to attract customers and increase sales, when users search with related keywords, it must be displayed at the top of the search results, and SEO measures are indispensable. An SEO tool is a tool that collects, analyzes, and investigates website data necessary for SEO measures. Specifically, it has functions such as website access analysis, internal diagnosis, and search keyword selection. By utilizing SEO tools, you can expect to improve the efficiency of SEO measures and search ranking.

14 Recommended SEO Tools

Here, we will briefly introduce the outline and features of 14 recommended SEO tools that are effective for SEO measures and have many users.


ahref seo tool

Ahrefs is an SEO analysis tool provided by Ahrefs of Singapore. Introduced by 600,000 people worldwide, not only can you optimize your own site, but you can also investigate and analyze keywords and backlinks that are displayed at the top of competing sites, and the number of accesses by social media. In addition, SEO analysis is easy with an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand interface.

Features of Ahrefs

  • It has the largest backlink data in the world, and it is possible to investigate what keywords are attracting customers from competing sites.

  • It features an overwhelmingly fast data update frequency and updates a new index every 15 minutes.

  • Various data can be downloaded in an easy-to-process file format such as CSV.


URL: https://ahrefs.com/site-audit


similarweb tool

SimilarWeb is a marketing tool provided by SimilarWeb, which was established in Israel. You can investigate and analyze "access analysis" and "search keyword" just by entering the URL of the website without installing the analysis code in the content or on the server. You can also investigate the access status of competing sites and search keywords. To use it, embed the SimilarWeb add-on in your browser. Google Chrome extension and Firefox add-on are available, and there are free versions and paid versions respectively.

Features of SimilarWeb

  • You can always view your website traffic data with just one click.

  • You can accumulate traffic data for up to 3 years, identify year-on-year trends, and measure seasonal impacts.

  • You can easily measure the analysis information of competing sites from your browser.



Aramakijake tool for seo

aramakijake.jp is a free tool operated by Devo. There are two functions, "Search number prediction tool" and "Competitive search number prediction tool", and the monthly estimated number of searches for keywords and the estimated number of accesses for each SEO ranking can be predicted separately for Google and Yahoo !. Devo also provides a backlink check tool, hanasakigani.jp.

Features of aramakijake.jp

  • The search prediction tool requires you to enter a keyword and click once.

  • The Conflict Search Prediction Tool is also available with a single click by entering the URL and keywords of the competing site.

  • All features are available free of cost.



Grc seo tool

GRC is a standard search ranking check tool provided by Shellware. You can search the ranking of all search keywords with the touch of a button, and it is obvious by displaying not only the latest ranking change but also the past ranking change in a graph. Since its release in 2004, it has been used by a wide range of users from individuals to companies, and there is also a free version (with limited items).

Features of GRC

  • It offers a wealth of unique features and intuitive operation.

  • It achieves both outstanding high speed and visual data display.

  • It is still growing by incorporating the functions that users want.



mieruca seo tools

MIERUCA is an SEO comprehensive support tool developed by Faber Company. It has a function to analyze the needs of search users using artificial intelligence and derive hidden needs. Many companies have introduced it, and it is popular and has a proven track record. It is a tool that you should consider when aiming to attract a large number of customers to a large-scale website.

Features of MIERUCA

  • We propose improvement plans for pages on the site that are indispensable for SEO measures in an easy-to-understand manner in order of importance.

  • You can visualize and compare the search volume of the keyword you want to aim for and the inflow keywords of your own site and competing sites.

  • Quickly and easily visualize the potential needs of search users.


URL: https://mieru-ca.com/


Keywordmao seo tools

Keyword map is an SEO countermeasure tool provided by CINC. It is also a platform that aims to realize website management based on quantitative data. It holds the world's largest amount of Japanese data as a domestic tool and has more than 50 functions for optimizing search inflow, such as competitive analysis, advertising research, and content creation.

Keyword map features

  • You can extract domains that are in conflict with the surveyed domain on SEO.

  • It is possible to extract, investigate and analyze the top display keywords of your own site and competing sites.

  • By downloading the various extracted data, you can use it as a report as it is.

Keyword map

URL: https://keywordmap.jp/


Pascal seo tools

Pascal is an SEO support tool sold by Europas. It was developed in pursuit of overwhelming ease of use and improving SEO work efficiency. You can analyze the page information displayed at the top with a specific keyword in real-time, and statistically analyze the features common to the top pages. As a result, the time it takes to analyze competing sites can be significantly reduced.

Features of Pascal

  • Competing sites can be analyzed in just one minute.

  • The number of domains that can be used is unlimited, there is no need to embed analysis tags, and there are many useful reporting functions.

  • You can check the search ranking narrowed down to the specified area.


URL: https://www.pascaljp.com/


Gyro-n seo tools

Gyro-n is a web marketing optimization tool provided by Univa Gyron. It covers the functions required for SEO, from display ranking check of own site, access analysis, keyword suggestion, to ranking comparison and analysis of competing sites. You can automate the daily workflow of SEO personnel, so you can implement effective SEO measures.

Features of Gyro-n

  • You can automatically check the search ranking of your own site and competing sites.

  • You can analyze the pages of your own site and competing sites.

  • It is also possible to analyze the inflow performance from SEO.


URL: https://www.gyro-n.com/seo/


emmatool seo tools

EmmaTools ™ is an SEO writing tool developed by EXIDEA Co., Ltd. that realizes content creation with high SEO effects. Even if you are an inexperienced SEO, you can create high-quality content and increase the possibility that the content will be displayed at the top. It is a perfect SEO tool for those who are creating content for SEO purposes.

Features of Emma Tools

  • Anyone can create content with a high SEO effect

  • Your own analysis will give you instant insight into what content you should create

  • We have a wealth of experience in using tools, such as increasing the number of monthly inflows by 300%.

Emma Tools

URL: https://emma.tools/


search write seo tools

SEARCHWRITE is an SEO tool provided by PLAN-B. With a simple and easy-to-understand interface, even beginners can easily use it, and SEO problem analysis, policy planning, and effect measurement can be easily performed.

Features of SEARCH WRITE

  • You can discover keywords that are growing rapidly, keywords that contribute to CV, and keywords that need improvement.

  • It automatically finds problems with SEO and problems with the internal structure of the website and proposes corrections.

  • By managing SEO measures as tasks, it is possible to analyze the results of each measure.


URL: https://searchwrite.jp/


Tact seo tools

TACT SEO is an analysis tool provided by Willgate for strategic SEO measures. An efficient keyword analysis is possible, and basic functions such as keyword survey and ranking measurement are useful for content creation and rewriting work. There is a free plan, and you can choose a plan according to your purpose, from those who operate small individual sites to those who operate large or multiple sites in a company.

Features of TACT SEO

  • Keyword research and analysis from various perspectives are possible.

  • You can measure and manage the ranking of your own site or competing site of the specified keyword on a daily basis.

  • It is useful for discovering and analyzing SEO issues.


URL: https://tact-seo.com/

SEO Check!


SEO Cheki! Is it a free tool run by Mr. Lopros that allows you to research various information useful for SEO? There are five main functions: site SEO check, search ranking check, keyword appearance frequency check, outgoing link check, and whois information display. You can use it not only for your own site but also for investigating competing sites.

Features of SEO Cheki!

  • The site is designed to be easy to understand, so you can operate it intuitively.

  • It's a simple interface where you just enter the URL.

  • All features are available free of charge.

SEO Check!

URL: https://seocheki.net/

Google Analytics

google analytics seo tools

Google Analytics is an access analysis tool provided by Google for free. It can be said that it is a basic tool for SEO measures. In addition to Google search, it supports various accesses such as inflow from other sites and inflow from advertisements. If you exceed 10 million hits (the number of times Google Analytics data is sent) a month, you will be charged.

Features of Google Analytics

  • You can analyze your website from different perspectives.

  • The big advantage is that you can easily get useful information online or in books.

  • It can be set for advanced users, and complex analysis data can be acquired.

We also recommend "Analytics PM," which is easier to see than the official app and is very popular with bloggers.

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

google search console seo tools

Google Search Console is a free internal diagnostic tool provided by Google. It helps solve problems inside your website and improve your position on Google Search. As an SEO measure, it can be said that it is the basic tool next to Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool that analyzes the information of accessing users, while Google Search Console is a tool that analyzes the website itself.

Features of Google Search Console

  • You can detect problems on your website and notify them by email.

  • You can check the search query of visitors to the website.

  • You can also send the site map to the Google index and check the content registration status.

Google Search Console

URL: https://search.google.com/search-console/about

Google Keyword Planner

google keywords planner seo tools

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool provided by Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), an advertising service. You can check the frequency with which a specific keyword is searched and the transition of the number of searches, which is useful for narrowing down the keywords that can be expected to produce results.

Features of Google Keyword Planner

  • You can see the monthly volume and competitiveness of main keywords and compound keywords.

  • You will find relevant keywords.

  • You can get information that will help you formulate your advertising budget.

Google Keyword Planner

URL: https://ads.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/