Electrical boot camp batch 2 training courses in Lahore

2022-12-31 10:26:51

In Electrical Engineering we go deep into the basics of electricity and its history and what it takes to learn to understand how it is incorporated into electrical engineering and how you can become an electrical engineer yourself. Lyskills provide Electrical boot camp batch 2 training courses in Lahore. Through various engaging activities, we will perform to better understand how to be an electrical engineer. From running electrical circuit simulations to building our own circuits, we'll also do complex math circuit problems with simulations. In engineering, we are always looking at how physics affects our day. From applying Newton's laws of motion to using the various forces around us to your advantage.

Electrical Technology

During this program we will delve into different physics topics and take what we learn and apply it through the different experiments we will be doing. Some experiments include but are not limited to, wooden bridges and bottle rockets. Electrical Technology - Basic Laws and Single-Phase AC Circuits is a free online course that provides a guide to the basic laws that govern the behavior of electrically powered circuits. This includes pharos relationships in single-phase series and parallels AC circuits.

Electronic assemblies

Learn about the classifications of three-phase systems and the various methods of improving the power factor. Start your educational journey into the world of electrical technology today. The Electronics Manufacturing Boot Camp is a comprehensive program designed to educate participants on the many different processes and materials used in through-hole and surface mount technologies. This is an intensive program that provides students with the opportunity to learn and understand the processes, tools, and materials used to properly manufacture electronic assemblies.

Electronics laboratory

In addition, it is taught by a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers and technicians who have worked in various fields related to electronics manufacturing. The course is designed to teach students through classroom lectures combined with laboratory exercises. The aim is to provide students with 40% classroom lectures accompanied by 60% practical exercises. Labs allow students to immediately apply knowledge gained during lectures. A 10,000-square-foot demonstration factory used during labs gives students access to a wide variety of state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing equipment.

Electrical Distribution Technology (EDT)

The Electrical Distribution Technology (EDT) program is a joint partnership between the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) and the Duquesne Light Company (DLC). It provides training in the essential skills, knowledge, and abilities that applicants would need to apply for skilled trade positions in the electrical industry. The programmer’s design, including pre-qualification testing and course content, aims not only to produce candidates who have the skills to safely and confidently perform the manual tasks associated with electrical work but also to build the foundational skills that will enable them to progress further in their careers.

Practical application

The EDT program consists of a fast-paced and challenging curriculum that includes the practical application of safety concepts and established work practices in the overhead, underground, and substation maintenance trades with undergraduate academic courses in computers, mathematics, and electrical theory. This is a full-time program where students will attend classes Monday through Friday, both during the day and in the evening. After completing a 1-year course with 32 credits, you will receive a Certificate in Distribution Electrical Engineering.