Is SEO so important? What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO measures?

2022-01-27 16:44:12

 Here are some important points of the internal SEO recommended by Google so that you can self-check and correct them. Download materials I think there are many people who are trying to work on the web marketing and do not know what is an effective measure.

Here, I would like to introduce the five benefits of implementing SEO measures. Benefits of implementing SEO measures

.1 Can attract users with high purchasing motivation

.2 High ability to attract customers

.3 Cost-effectiveness compared to advertising

.4 The effort put into it can be used as an asset

.5 Expected inflow in the medium to long term

.6 Branding effect

2 Disadvantages of SEO measures

.1 The results are not certain, and it is difficult to select a company that can produce results. 

.2 It takes time to achieve results 

.3 Poor quality users also gather

 3 At the end

Benefits of implementing SEO measures

Can attract users with high purchasing motivation

Did you know that there is a model called "AISAS" as a model to explain the purchasing behaviour of modern consumers who have become widespread on the Internet?

This is an acronym for the process by which consumers consume, but the specifics are as follows.

Attention → Interest → Search → Action → Share

What should be noted here is that there is Search, that is, "search behaviour", just before the purchase behavior or consumption behavior (Action) is triggered.

SEO measures are search engine optimization and are efforts aimed at higher display in search results. Many consumers go through a search before taking action, so attracting users with the search results also means attracting highly motivated users.

High ability to attract customers

Earlier, I explained that you are doing search actions before taking action while using the Internet, but how many Internet users are there in the first place? According to the announcement by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Internet usage rate was announced as 96.52 million as of the end of 2012, and 79.5% of the total population of Japan is using the Internet.

I don't think all of the above are using search engines, but how many are using search engines? ?? According to a survey by Nielsen Inc., Yahoo! has about 80 million users and Google has more than 70 million users among more than 90 million users. Considering a large number of Internet users and the usage rate of search engines, we can see the high ability to attract customers.

However, if that is the case, listing advertisements will also be displayed in the search results, so I think that some people may think that it is the same. However, according to overseas survey data, the percentage of clicks on search results is 13% for listing ad areas (keyword ads), while SEO areas are clicked four times as many as 52%. There is a research result that it is.

Cost-effectiveness compared to advertising

SEO is considered to be one of the marketing measures on the Web, but it is not actually an advertising menu of Google or Yahoo !. On the other hand, listing ads are advertising services that pay for the number of clicks. In other words, listing ads will be paid as much as possible, but SEO will not be paid no matter how many clicks are made.

However, that doesn't mean that SEO is absolutely cost-effective. This is because if you try to work on SEO, you need to have some knowledge and effort to create content that will satisfy users. This is because many companies outsource SEO work outsourced rather than developing SEO personnel in-house, and in reality, it is not free considering the outsourcing costs. However, even with this outsourcing cost and in-house production of SEO in-house, many companies answered that the efficiency of SEO was good according to the cost-effectiveness survey questionnaire of Web marketing and the Internet white paper that many companies answer every year. You can see the high effect of.

However, as mentioned above, it is necessary to have some knowledge to implement SEO measures, but there are not a few SEO companies that do not have sufficient knowledge and immoral SEO companies that recommend violations of search engine guidelines. Due to this fact, Google recommends that the following confirmations should be taken in advance to identify the appropriate SEO vendor.

Things to check with SEO vendors that Google thinks

Do you offer online marketing services and advice to help you with organic search?

Founding years Do you follow Google's webmaster guidelines (quality guidelines)?

Have them show you a sample of past cases and introduce successful cases Do you follow Google's webmaster guidelines (quality guidelines)?

Will you give me information about all the changes I made to the site, as well as more information about what the advice is and why?

What kind of results are expected, the schedule, and how to measure the results

Achievements in the same industry

Most important SEO technology

As Google says, I think you should at least check the above when outsourcing SEO. In fact, in Japan, there are only a few companies that can respond appropriately, but if you can work with that SEO company, it will be cost-effective.

The effort put into it can be used as an asset

As mentioned above, SEO measures are not ads, but many other web marketing measures are ads. To stay exposed in paid listings, you have to keep paying for your ads. If you stop posting, the inflow that you have been able to obtain will disappear completely.

On the other hand, in order to be ranked high in SEO, it is essential to implement SEO on the website so that it is easy for search engines to read and create content to satisfy users, so working on it remains an asset. Even if you contract with an SEO company and receive advice on content that should be created to satisfy users from the SEO company, the page uploaded to your site will not be taken up even if you cancel the contract.

Google's algorithms have been updated over and over, but nothing has changed in Google's philosophy. The term "best source of information" is used there, but some of the algorithms Google has implemented in recent years that require content that benefits users in order to be ranked higher in natural search is "Panda Update." "And" Google Quality Update "is an update that determines whether the content is credible or valuable information, and you can see that the search engine that Google is aiming for has not changed.

Working on SEO has the aspect of working to satisfy the users who visit the website, and it can be said that it is a big merit that the act of working remains as an asset on the site.

Expected inflow in the medium to long term

Advertising such as listing ads, display ads, and pure ads can be effective immediately if you spend a budget. However, there is a time lag between efforts and outcomes as SEOs take action and only affect rankings after they are rated by search engines as beneficial compared to competing sites.

However, if SEO is successful, there will be no major changes in ranking until competitors create better content than their own, or until there is some change in evaluation criteria, so if there is no change in user needs, it will be forever. Inflow can be expected.

Also, as you can see from the access analysis, not only the one keyword that was aimed at when displaying at the top as an SEO measure, but also various compound keywords are displayed at the top, and there is an influx. Therefore, even if the ranking is lowered by "a certain keyword", if the ranking is not lowered by all the keywords, all the inflows will not disappear.

In this way, if it can be displayed at the top, it will not fall easily and the top display can be expected to be inflow over the medium to long term by bringing up not only one keyword but also various keywords.

Branding effect

So far, we have touched on attracting customers and cost-effectiveness as the merits of SEO, but one of the effects that should not be forgotten is the branding effect. Branding is to increase sympathy and trust in the market by recognizing that brands such as services and companies are valuable to customers.

Also, it means recognizing and nurturing things that are not recognized as a brand as a brand, but in a survey conducted by a certain company, data on what kind of impression you have about the sites that are displayed at the top of the natural search. Then, there is a result that 80% of the people have a good impression and 0% have a bad impression.

In other words, many users have a good impression and a sense of trust in the sites that are ranked high in SEO. It can be said that this has the potential to increase the closing rate. Also, once a brand is established, more users will mention the brand and a community may be created. References on the web have a better impact on SEO as backlinks. Originally, Google was designed with the idea that good pages can be linked from various sites.

In this way, being ranked high in SEO creates a branding effect, increasing the chances of mentioning the brand, gaining more links, and creating a good spiral that establishes a solid ranking.

The above are the merits of implementing SEO measures.

By the way, are there any disadvantages to taking SEO measures? As mentioned above, if there is a page that you do not want to be searched widely, SEO measures are just a matter of setting not to be searched, so there may be no disadvantage.

However, there are cases where SEO is not the best as a web marketing measure, so I will introduce cases where SEO is not suitable from the perspective of considering services.

Disadvantages of SEO measures

The results are not certain, and it is difficult to select a company that can produce results.

As long as Google's ranking algorithm is a black box, it is impossible to guarantee results. If there is a trader who can surely produce results, on the contrary, it will be an element that can be determined as a bad trader. However, it is possible to read whether or not the results can be achieved, although it is not certain depending on the status of efforts.

However, not all SEO companies can always produce results, so it is very difficult to select an appropriate SEO company if you have not worked hard. If you are going to select a vendor from now on, I think it would be good to hit the above question proposed by Google and refer to whether you are taking appropriate answers and efforts.

From the above, in cases where certainty is required, it is necessary to select an advertisement that guarantees inflow even if cost effectiveness is ignored.

It takes time to achieve results

SEO takes time. It's time to make SEO-like corrections and time to create content. And the time to be evaluated by people and Google. Therefore, it is not suitable as a marketing measure necessary only for temporary periods such as campaigns. It's best to remember that SEO is an effective measure when medium- to long-term and continuous effects are required.

Poor quality users also gather

If you succeed in SEO of big keywords, you are not necessarily only good customers. In some cases, you may have to accept inquiries from users who cannot handle it or bad users who are not targets. In such cases, it may be effective to advertise only to the target instead of aggressive SEO.

These are the cases where SEO should not be selected. It is true that SEO is a Web measure that appeals to you because of its high cost-effectiveness and impact on the inflow surface, but you must be aware that SEO may not be suitable in some cases. Hmm.

If you want to fulfill your role as a web marketer inside and outside the company, instead of implementing all web measures, prioritize appropriate web marketing measures after understanding users and services and understanding the situation. It is necessary to prioritize and execute, measure the effect properly, and turn PDCA.