The 9 Best Fashion Tips You've Heard

2022-02-12 13:57:20


You can often see pictures of your favourite singer or actress at official events and reveal what she's wearing.

You can watch all of Hollywood's famous celebrities impress as they wear the red carpet every year, but some of the most successful and authentic fashion tips come from your girlfriend, family member, co-worker, or the random woman you meet on the subway.

Here are 9 of the best fashion and style tips we've heard.

1. Spend money on basic items, not trends

Fashion trends come and go, but a timeless bag or coat stays in your wardrobe forever. In other words, buy wardrobes in other colors or fabrics that are trending this year, but don't spend all your paycheck.

2. When you don’t know how to dress, choose the most formal clothes

The advice is simple. It's better when you have to go to a place where you don't know what other people are going to wear, and it's better than when you're alone in jeans and a group of girls in nice clothes to play sports. Every time you choose the best dress.

3. Try new fashion trends in accessories

You've just seen a very stylish woman in a gorgeous floral ensemble, and you love it, but aren't sure how to replicate it. Try small doses first (like floral boots, bags, or jewellery) before putting them in a full set of flowers.

4. Always add a prominent third track

Here's what we mean: If your pants and t-shirt count as the first and second, go for the third that should stand out more and make the look more interesting. For example, if you're wearing plain denim and a T-shirt, wear a more special coat, a separate bag, or a pair of sparkly shoes. This is the easiest way to make a simple look stand out.

5. No one will understand that your earrings are not diamonds

Needless to say, you can spend your money on a beautiful pair of genuine diamond earrings if you want. But if your accessories are cheaper but look expensive, the end of the world is not yet. After all, if you lose an earring, you will feel a lot better if it costs 5 euros instead of 55.

6. Combine lace-up shoes with shorts and heels

Not sure what to wear with skirts and dresses? Here's a golden rule: wear flats when the skirt ends above the knee, and high heels when the skirt ends below the knee. Of course, you can make exceptions, but keep in mind that these proportions will make your look look attentive, not cheap (for example, short skirts and heels) or strappy (long skirts and linings).

7. Wear Monochrome

You will definitely know that you must have a black dress in your wardrobe that can save you money in many different situations. However, in addition to clothing, if you want to always dress appropriately, a safe bet is to wear everything in one color, usually black or white.

8. Make sure you have read the washing and drying instructions

Laundry is on all your clothes for some reason because they are important. Sure, if you sit down and read every label, it may take longer to set up your washing machine correctly, but if you buy something new every time you spend a few minutes reading the washing instructions, you're sure to remember how to wash them later . You wash of course, you can also send some of the more delicate clothes to the laundromat, but usually spoil your favorite jeans or silk tops, which is a shame because you haven't looked at their labels for a few seconds.

9. Leopards are considered a neutral color

You'll see leopards as an alternative to black, white, blue, red or camel. You can combine leopard with everything from lighter and metallic shades to other softer patterns. Leopard print is an easy way to create a trendy style with ease.