What exactly is an entrepreneur?

2022-02-23 15:44:58

"Entrepreneurs are actually a group of people who take their careers and dreams into their own hands and guide them in the direction they want."


Entrepreneur is a very broad term and one that is often overused.

What is an entrepreneur? How to define it? What do you need to do to be called an entrepreneur?


What exactly is an entrepreneur?

In fact, the word entrepreneur is borrowed from French, which means "the operator or organizer of an adventurous business". However, it would be too narrow to define entrepreneurs in this way. A more modern account of the entrepreneur should also include those who are changing the world by solving big problems, such as those who lead social reform, create innovative products, or come up with solutions to life's problems.

What the definition of an entrepreneur doesn’t tell us is that an entrepreneur is a group of people who take their careers and dreams into their own hands and guide them in the direction they want. Entrepreneurs are a group of people who define their life in the way they expect. There is no boss, no restricted calendar and shackles, and no one can stop them. Entrepreneurs are willing and able to take that first step to change the world. This is the entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur can be someone running a company, someone starting an online business, or a freelancer just starting out.

But entrepreneurs include more than just the founder of a business. Some entrepreneurs are powerful enough to change the whole world, from Elon Musk who put people to the moon to Bill Gates, to Steve Jobs who makes computers for every household. Every entrepreneur sees the world in a different way.

While most people see trouble and problems, entrepreneurs see opportunities and solutions.

When we understand more about what an entrepreneur is, we can help people understand more about their contribution to the world.

Importance of Entrepreneurs

Why are entrepreneurs so important? An entrepreneur is someone who sees the problems in the world and works to solve them, they are leaders who want to step up and solve society's problems, whether they contribute more work to this society or invent a product, they will do something to ensure the progress of this world. To better understand entrepreneurs, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why entrepreneurs are important:

1. Entrepreneurs create jobs

Without the entrepreneur, there is no job, and the entrepreneur makes the risky decision of self-employment. They will add more jobs as their business expands, so entrepreneurs can help reduce the country's unemployment rate and help people get better careers.

2. Entrepreneurs make change

Entrepreneurs with lofty ideals and goals can make a difference in the world. They may be able to create a product that solves a difficult problem in society today, or take a risk to unearth things that have not been discovered. Most entrepreneurs believe that their products, ideas and businesses can help the world move forward.

3. Entrepreneurs give back to society

There will be some people in this society who hold the idea that entrepreneurs must be selfish and mercenary. But they often don't lag behind in their contribution to the society, and their high income also means that they will pay more taxes to contribute to the construction of the country. Entrepreneurs are often the biggest contributors to nonprofits, and some invest in life solutions that benefit disadvantaged groups, such as making clean drinking water more accessible.

4. Entrepreneurs increase national income

Entrepreneurs inject more capital into the economic system through efficient organization of operations. New ideas, better products or services created by entrepreneurs will help develop new markets and accumulate new capital. In addition, it also helps to increase the employment rate and gross national income.

Why do people want to be entrepreneurs?

Why are entrepreneurs so attractive? Of course, every entrepreneur has reasons that drive them to start a business. Whether entrepreneurs need more freedom or want to make the world a better place, they take control of their own lives, here are a few reasons why people want to be entrepreneurs:

1. Change the world

Many entrepreneurs are trying to change the world, whether they want to explore the universe, solve the problem of poverty, or create a practical and novel product. Some entrepreneurs help the society by making profits. They use business as a carrier to quickly get the funds they want to use to change the world. For these social entrepreneurs, creating a corporate kingdom is just to achieve and create a better world.

2. Don't want a boss

Entrepreneurs often feel tied by their bosses. Some entrepreneurs may think they can do things in a more efficient way, while others may not like such a free life. In the end, they are attracted by the idea of ​​starting a business and decide to Build your own business where you can give it a go.

3. Want more flexible working hours

For those who don’t want a 9-to-5 and want flexible commuting hours, self-employment and becoming an entrepreneur is a very attractive option. Many parents with young children will want to start their own businesses so that they can accommodate their time at home with their children, and some students may also become entrepreneurs at the same time so they can juggle heavy schoolwork with income-generating jobs.

4. Want high mobility jobs

In addition to flex time, starting a business is also a great option for those who don't want to work in a fixed location. Some people may not like to work in the same location every day, and find such an environment too boring, so the advantage of entrepreneurs is that they can work with mobility.

5. Stakeholders

Entrepreneurs are often tied to calculable risk-taking. Entrepreneurs don't seek jobs. Entrepreneurs create jobs, and doing so entails risk. Whether it is the financial risks of starting a business or all the life trials that entrepreneurship brings, entrepreneurs often take risks that ordinary people do not have, and often bear some pressures that ordinary people do not have.

6. No way to find a job

Some people also fall into entrepreneurial careers because they can't find a job. There can be many reasons for not being able to find a job, such as being fired, inexperienced, or having a criminal record. Rather than being overwhelmed by reality, they created new opportunities for themselves. A fresh graduate may be able to generate revenue by starting an online store during the summer vacation, while a parent who has been fired because of the bad economy can start his own business to support his family.

7. Not suitable for corporate environments

Entrepreneurs often cannot survive in ordinary corporate environments, which are often too restrictive for their personal growth. They may also not like their lack of freedom in their positions, or the atmosphere of the office to get by. So you can often easily find entrepreneurs in a corporate environment who want to have more freedom in their careers and who want to understand the responsibilities of their colleagues to understand how the whole organization is integrated operational.

8. Be curious

Entrepreneurs like to ask questions like "What would happen if this...?". Entrepreneurs are usually those who are experimental and love to learn. They will often enjoy reading books about business operations to increase their knowledge, so naturally, the idea of ​​starting a business is very appealing. Because it allows rapid growth in a short period of time through hands-on practice, and their curiosity will allow them to continue to improve.

9. They are ambitious

Many entrepreneurs like to take risks and see entrepreneurship as the first step in taking risks. They like to see their efforts sublime step by step and realize the dreams they once promised. They are full of ambition, pursue more, and hope to go further, see the scenery that others have never seen, and achieve what others thought they were impossible. goals achieved.