2021-07-19 12:53:48

For the majority of people, the word “logo” means an image. However, the logo is much more than that. Indeed, it is also the graphic representation of your brand. A visual creation that people can recognize and associate with your business, but also differentiate it from other brands. Your logo should represent your activity, and summarize it.

It is therefore essential to create a logo for your business.


We have said it: a logo, or logotype (in its full version) is the graphic representation (figure, sign, drawing, etc.) of a company, or even of a brand. This graphic representation is used on various communication media.

What purpose ? The logo reinforces your brand image, facilitates and promotes recognition of your company. For example, think about sports brands.

If it is present on the articles, the logo must be able to evoke your activity, your values ​​and commitments, as well as your principles.

We do not recommend that you change your logo too often. However, it must evolve with the company, inform and reflect its ambitions.


The logo enhances the image of a company. It perpetuates its notoriety, and facilitates its communication.

It also makes it possible to identify the activities of the company, whether they are economic, commercial, service, etc. as well as its various points of sale.

It gives an identity to your business, allows its identification.

In addition, it reinforces the impact of its communications (messages, opinions, economic speeches, etc.)

Your logo makes it possible to unite your customers, and unites them around the same image.

He also represents the staff of your company, he brings people together.

A logo gives a personality to a company, a unique DNA.

Finally, it helps to differentiate your products or services, and sometimes even your different companies.


The history of the logo:

Originally a "logotype", the invention of the logo dates from the early 19th century by printers.

With the rise of industry and consumption and therefore of production and mass production, it becomes essential for the notoriety of a company or a brand.

It is often associated with an emblem or a coat of arms, yet it has a different role. Unlike the monogram (pattern) or badge, it appeals to your customers, and, if done right, allows them to recognize you, identify you, and showcase your company / brand and its activities.

Today, creating a logo is essential for a business. Indeed, the latter makes it possible to transmit a message through visual communication to a well-targeted clientele.


The logo represents your image. It carries it and allows people to identify you quickly. Especially if he's thoughtful and strong.

This is why it is important to use a qualified agency like Sylvie Amar Partners.

We create, with you, your logo in high definition, usable on all types of media and for all your communication tools. We always deliver a software library with the different colors and different formats necessary for a variation on all web, print and manufactured tools (ai, pdf, png, jpg ...)

From the business card to the advertising tarpaulin, including the institutional brochure, the flyer, the favicon or the kakemono, we create and produce all kinds of variations.

Graphic design seems, a priori, simple. However, it is a fairly complex job, and one that requires time to mature (for both the graphic designer and the client). And the simpler the design request, the more delicate and difficult the design. Simplicity is always the most difficult

A logo is used to communicate a spirit, a philosophy, a DNA, an entrepreneurial spirit. A logo usually consists of a word / text and a design / illustration. And this association must be harmonious and unique. It is an original creation often deposited by a copyright (copyright) so as not to be copied.


Having your logo designed with real graphics is also a commercial differentiation strategy. Being different in its offer but also in its visual identity (of which the logo is part) is essential. Indeed, in the 21st century, the image is the first thing that digital puts forward on our screens.

To design a logo, we will draw up specifications with you. The target must be defined: Btob or BtoC or BtoBtoC. Then, the social, national or international category and the field of activity (transport, food, etc.). Then, the message to be conveyed in the story to be told (the storytelling of the brand), and finally the list of the main competitors.

All of these will serve the design team. They will then begin to put in place adequate typographies and graphic signs, or an emblem to symbolize the brand.

Basic typography research work is quick compared to designing typography which can take up to a year. Once the typography base has been chosen, it is often refined, slightly redesigned to give it a unique character and only corresponds to a brand.

The color work usually begins once the logo is set in black and white, to validate the proportions and everyone's eye is satisfied.

All of this work takes time. It is then better to design a functional and durable logo for the credibility of your business.

This is also good advice given the high cost of the prices charged for the creation of logos by graphic designers. The best way to make a great logo is to get involved in the specifications. And to clearly define the objectives upstream with the graphic designer.

A good logo is an informed customer, and a well-briefed graphic designer!