Lyskills want to improve your lives through learning. We enable anyone wherever to make and offer informative courses (teacher) and to evaluate these educational courses to learn (understudies). We need rules to guard our foundation and administrations for you.

We give experiences about our getting ready of individual data of our understudies and educators in our Privacy Policy. Lyskills for Business learning and improvement program, you can direct our Lyskills for Business Privacy Statement. 

If you live in other countries, by accepting these terms and conditions you agree to decide arguments with Lyskills through restricting statements like with well being extraordinary cases, not in court. Additionally it’s your right to examine class works out, as point by point in the Argument Resolve zone.

  1. Lyskills rights that the substance which post you grant Lyskills to reuse and share it any way and you don’t lose any belonging rights you may have over your substance. 

  2. Instructor will get pay for any course at the start of the month.

  3. Instructor will get 50% pay of any course which he will upload.