What is AutoCAD?

Choose a path to success – become an AutoCAD designer

Lyskills is the first online training institute, provides complete AutoCAD training courses by Industry leading Autodesk, architects, engineers and more. Autodesk It’s become a great apparent for students by getting Autodesk AutoCAD Course training on their own schedule as well as getting Autodesk certification at the completion of course. Our training session is structured by our qualified team, which deliver students a comprehensive introduction to basic drafting techniques to using Autodesk AutoCAD software as professionals. Students become eligible for getting jobs in the market as expert IT professionals with our authorized Autodesk AutoCAD Course training certificate. you’re also assigned and instructed by our team on how to start your Autodesk AutoCAD Course training career, whether as an employee or as a businessman around the world. We’re proud of satisfying over 2000+ students every year, thus we ensure the AutoCAD Course training material with 100% particle. 
Before Joining Lyskils AutoCAD Course training, might you want to know all these factors ?

What is AutoCAD training- course description?

AutoCAD stands for Auto computer aided designs. It’s basically a designer’s skill to combine creativity with technical skills to design and shape the world around you. LTL Autodesk AutoCAD Course training starts from the basics of drafting and computer aided design (CAD) introducing. During compilation, participants with learning the major areas of civil, mechanical, Electrical and architect drawing for 2D/3D modeling, dimensions, and diagrams to develop a professional Autodesk AutoCAD Course training certified participant skills and abilities. Further, experienced instructors teach participants all the tact and tricks of using Autodesk AutoCAD Course training software. LTL better understands that skills and knowledge are the driving forces of the industry in professionals thus real-world AutoCAD certified members are hired as training staff.

Why does AutoCAD training?

Is AutoCAD training affiliate with an on-track and well-heeled professional career?

AutoCAD is the next big thing as there are numerous benefits of achieving an AutoCAD certificate on completing AutoCAD training by Autodesk & Lyskills. With the completion of course, you have a lot of professional skills and abilities to supply the industries and various firms in the rewards of a lot of money. Almost all the advanced software companies acquire an Autodesk AutoCAD Course training designer for accomplishing different tasks to collaborate on a different platform with their clients and targeted audience. There are both short-term and long-term numerous job opportunities are available almost in every IT as well as non-IT organization. Instead, an Autodesk AutoCAD Course training designer becomes an integral part of most leading IT companies due to technological advances taking place in the world.

Offered job opportunities: we’re proud to help our 2000+ students in starting their AutoCAD career. Most acquiring job designations are

  • AutoCAD instructor at colleges
  • AutoCAD project manager
  • Junior/ Senior AutoCAD Designer
  • Manual drawing designer
  • Modeling and Imaging is using AutoCAD software
  • creating Engineering design as an AutoCAD certified professional
  • creating 2D/3D environments as an AutoCAD certified professional



Why choose us?

Convincing someone to do AutoCAD training is about answering one question why lyskills?

Confidentially chooses Lyskills to learn the features and function of AutoCAD to create and modify 2D/3D geometry. We are one of the few institutes based in Lahore, who provide the complete AutoCAD training by real-world AutoCAD designers and an Autodesk AutoCAD Course training. We start teaching from fundaments to concepts and then shared the facts and tricks which are widely used by online AutoCAD designers in their jobs.  We not only provide an assignment but ensure the practice to develop accurate layouts, assembly drawing and 2D/3D modeling.

Our expert-led team:

We have a professional team of AutoCAD designers with their 10+ year’s industry experience to convey all in and out about online AutoCAD designing with practical tasks.

AutoCAD software practice:

We better know the students are often asked to share their knowledge about latest online Autodesk AutoCAD software in their job interviews. Thus, Our AutoCAD training course includes a complete practice on all useful and Autodesk latest AutoCAD software such as Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and more.

Already-existed job opportunities:

We provide you job operations as well as refer you to our company experience in all leading companies worldwide.

What, If I’m not interested in doing a 9-5 job as someone’s slave:

At lyskills, we better understand that sometimes you don’t want to do a 9-5 job there are many reasons:
  • You don’t want to be someone slaves so you’re interested in starting your own business.
  • You want to start your professional career as a freelancer to work on your own schedule.

Skills Covered In This Course

  • 3D Modeling
  • Modeling
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • AutoCAD
  • 2D CAD Drawing
  • Architectural Design Architecture
  • LTL Targets