ETAP Level 1 training courses in Lahore

2022-12-29 16:38:06

ETAP is analytical engineering software that helps electrical engineers simulate and analyze steady-state and dynamic power systems. It is used in various fields such as generation, transmission, distribution, industry, transportation and low voltage. The aim of the course is to learn how to model and analyze energy systems using the ETAP training software. It will cover a range of ETAP functions used to design and solve a variety of practical power supply problems.

ETAP software

ETAP course begins with an overview of the software, the basics of one-line diagram creation and data entry, and quickly expands the user's knowledge of methods to automatically perform multiple studies using multiple scenarios. Wherever possible, manual calculations are performed and the results compared with the ETAP software to help participants better understand the concepts. Wherever possible, topics are explained using hand calculations to make them clearer to participants from a fundamental point of view.

ETAP software packages

Etap is a powerful software for performing simulations, analyzes and designs of energy systems. The stage has very comprehensive functions such as load flow analysis, arc discharge, protective coordination studies, cable pull, cable capacity studies and much more. As Etap has built-in all the features required for Electrical engineering studies, it is preferred over other software packages. This course covers all the basics of performing analysis in power systems and makes it easy for beginners to master. Each lesson is designed to be detailed, precise and includes practical examples.

ETAP is a unique software

Engineers in the field can update and refresh their knowledge and learn to simulate with the Etap package. ETAP is a unique software that performs simulations, analyzes and designs of energy systems. It has very comprehensive features like load flow analysis, arc discharge, protection coordination study, cable pulling, etc. CAD DESK online training course also covers all the basics of power system analysis, so even a beginner can complete the course very easily. CAD DESK is India's leading CAD and CAM training brand and always emphasizes on providing the highest quality training to its students.

ETAP Functions

It also supports internships for its students and offers them projects during online software courses. Each software course is conducted using the latest version of ETAP. In addition, students get lifetime free access to recorded tutorial videos and login access to their student dashboard. After completing the course, participants can continue as needed. One of our goals in this course is to explain the modeling and analysis of power networks using ETAP software. A range of ETAP functions used for planning and solving various practical power grid problems will be covered.

ETAP practical example

ETAP is designed and developed for engineers to investigate various aspects of power systems in an integrated package. This course is divided into 4 chapters with theory and practical examples. Lyskills provides ETAP Level 1 training courses in Lahore Pakistan. It is aimed at protection technicians who want to understand the power system, the concept of short circuit, protection and coordination.