Social Media Marketing.

 If your business is not present on social platforms, it does not exist! The social media industry is booming. Like never before. Companies wishing to meet the needs of their target audiences should strongly consider taking advantage of the... Read More

Find out what digital marketing is?

With the appearance of new technologies and the increase in consumer interest in them, new professions have emerged, particularly those relating to digital marketing. Digital marketing, also called digital marketing or e-marketing, refers to all the... Read More


For the majority of people, the word “logo” means an image. However, the logo is much more than that. Indeed, it is also the graphic representation of your brand. A visual creation that people can recognize and associate with your busines... Read More

Fundamentals of process design for station facilities

1. goal The purpose of this article is to establish the Basic Electrical System The Initial Engineering Design (FEED) and data design or standards used in collection facilities will be built. Electrical system design refers to process flow di... Read More

Smart Grids and the new energy age

System requirements for smart grid // 7. Communication solutions The new era of electricity is characterized by a combination of centralized and decentralized power generation, which requires two-way energy flows, including electricity from sma... Read More

Which light source to choose?

Light sources and lamp characteristics One of the first decisions in designing a good lighting system is the choice of a light source. A number of light sources are available, each with its own unique combination of operating charac... Read More

Wiring tips for connections and routing inside the industrial control panel

Wiring advice | Connections and routing Wiring industrial control panels is a complex process that requires a number of carefully planned and completed details. Connections and routing tips for industrial control panel wiring (photo credit... Read More

Industrial applications of brushless servo motor

Industrial applications of brushless servo motor Introduction: Asynchronous machine with permanent magnets on the rotor is the heart of the modern actuator without a servo motor. The motor remains in synchronism with the supply frequenc... Read More

PLC program for the lighting control system

Let's develop a simple PLC program for the lighting control system Lighting control system: A lighting control system is to be developed. The system will be controlled by four switches, SWITCH1, SWITCH2, SWITCH3, and SWITCH4.&nbsp... Read More

What makes a good SCADA system?

Twelve golden rules for specifying and implementing a good SCADA system A successful SCADA specification and a good installation depend on choosing and using proven and reliable technology, with adequate and comprehensive training of all pers... Read More