Which light source to choose?

Light sources and lamp characteristics One of the first decisions in designing a good lighting system is the choice of a light source. A number of light sources are available, each with its own unique combination of operating charac... Read More

Wiring tips for connections and routing inside the industrial control panel

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Industrial applications of brushless servo motor

Industrial applications of brushless servo motor Introduction: Asynchronous machine with permanent magnets on the rotor is the heart of the modern actuator without a servo motor. The motor remains in synchronism with the supply frequenc... Read More

PLC program for the lighting control system

Let's develop a simple PLC program for the lighting control system Lighting control system: A lighting control system is to be developed. The system will be controlled by four switches, SWITCH1, SWITCH2, SWITCH3, and SWITCH4.&nbsp... Read More

What makes a good SCADA system?

Twelve golden rules for specifying and implementing a good SCADA system A successful SCADA specification and a good installation depend on choosing and using proven and reliable technology, with adequate and comprehensive training of all pers... Read More